Tero Hynynen is a modern-day alchemist, a quiet rebel who likes to transform your spark into a proper pyre, where you can see the remains of the old you disappearing into the flames! Don't be fooled by his peaceful appearance - this is a genuine Fire-Snake (his Chinese Zodiac sign), who has mastered his craft; discovering his inner Gold, transforming a poison into a healing elixir. If you play your cards right, he will help you do the same with your own life.


From his humble beginnings in Finland he was whisked off to the Middle East, at the tender age of 2,5, to live for many years in the town of Al-Qa'im close to the Syrian border. Maybe he befriended a friendly Jinn there, who taught him the secret of Fire. Who knows - with Tero anything is possible.


After graduating as a professional medical herbalist (you bet there's the witchy grandmother in this story, too), what did Tero do next? Trained himself as a nurse and spent 11 years working in Neurosurgery Intensive Care. But that would've been boring without training as an Art Therapist, while working in the ICU. Typical Tero.


And then he suddenly disappeared to Wudang Mountains in China. Not a surprise to anyone who knew him, really. Who knows what the old head abbot of the Five Dragon Temple taught him there (the one with "lightning-flashes flying from his eyes"). If Tero's eyes had a slightly odd, penetrating look before, they certainly had one when he returned from his 9-month rebirth journey into the Land of the Dragons.


Back to that inner Gold and alchemy... that's what Tero does with his cards, and probably with Tai Chi and Qigong, too. You might not be told what's going to happen to you next week, but you can be sure of exiting the reading, armed to the teeth with new Wisdom. Of course it was there inside you all along, but you lacked the means of accessing it. Let this Finnish-born, Middle Eastern-cooked, Chinese-refined Fire-Snake show you how to do it (did I already tell you he actually had a pet snake at one point? A bloody big boa. Of course). Thank me later.


-written by a Friend in Finland who prefers to stay anonymous

Aurora photo © Hannu Moilanen, 2020