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Tarot Dream: X. Sinatra

I finally managed to create this card from a dream I saw back in April this year. In the dream I was doing a reading to a client using the Celtic Cross with 10 cards. The only card I remember was for position 4, which goes above the central cross (in my variation), and represent the "goal" or purpose. "X" would point towards the Wheel, mirrored by the globe, which in the dream was both the earth (XXI World?) and the moon (XVIII Moon?). "Sinatra" was about Frank Sinatra, that I do remember. Interesting bit: apparently the surname derives from Calabria & Sicily region, and is based on the "title of magistrates in Italian states, ultimately from a nickname for members of the Roman senate, Latin senatus." There was the idea that Frank Sinatra would still do one more world tour - no matter he was very much dead, at least from the human form POV - which was called "The World's End Tour - Once More with a Bang!"

"Both Hands" - eagerly, willingly, with enthusiasm...

When I woke up there was this... at the same time incredibly grim but also jubilant feeling, which I couldn't shake off. It stayed with me throughout the day. I guess it mirrors the state of things right now; despite the climate crisis we carry on as usual.

Have you ever seen tarot cards in a dream, especially slightly unusual ones?

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