Special Topics: Shadow Work

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Shadow Work aims at bringing to surface that which is out of balance within us, in order to bring it back to balance.

Shadow Work can also be seen as a tool to consciously integrate those aspects or parts of ourselves, that have until now operated unconsciously (outside of our control) within our psyche. It is important not to confuse "shadow" here referring to anything evil or bad; it simply refers to the unintegrated material in the psyche.

We'll be using the Tree of Shadow spread (created by Tero) as our map during this class.

Note: this class is not available for beginners. 

"The Zohar explains that pain purifies and removes the shells of negativity (klippot) that surround our inner Light. These shells are created by our negative deeds and they cover and limit our spiritual development. They are barriers between us and the Light. […] We often approach our daily lives with the mentality of avoid pain at all costs. And the moment we do feel it, we immediately look for ways to anesthetize ourselves. The Zohar teaches that by resisting the pain, we are only creating bigger problems for ourselves in the future. […] Pain is transitory but suffering sticks around and keeps us stuck.  
    That is how it is with the klippot constantly clinging to us — it makes it hard for us to grow and change. But if we want to go to our next level in spiritual awareness, love, friendships, career — we need to go through the painful process of separating ourselves from our klippot.
    And we separate ourselves from our klippot every time we put our all into a job and it fails, every time someone we love goes away, every time our trust is broken — in other words, every time we take a risk and get hurt.”

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The ten Qliphothic forces on the Tree of Life:
1. Thaumiel - The Twin Gods (futility)
2. Ghogiel - The Hinderers (arbitrariness)
3. Satariel - The Concealers (fatalism)
4. Agshekeloh - The Smiters (ideology)
5. Golohab - The Burners (bureaucracy)
6. Tagiriron - The Disputers (hollowness)
7. Gharab Tzerek - The Corrosive Ones (routine)
8. Samael - The Liar or Poison of God (rigid order)
9. Gamaliel - The Obscene Ones (zombieism)
10. Lilith - Queen of the Night (stasis)

11. Belial - The Worthless Ones 

The purpose of the Tree of Shadow spread is to restore our internal Tree of Life, by becoming aware of the imbalanced forces within ourselves, and by so doing transforming them. Based on my previous experience working with this spread and teaching it, I would say it requires a certain amount of 'psychic stamina' in order to successfully work with and integrate the 11 aspects. If you're going through an upheaval or very challenging time in your life, I would suggest doing this class later in the future.

You will also be able to download all the material in PDF (password protected).

Next Class: TBA

When: Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Max. number of participants: 5

Fee: £60 (to be paid before the Class, non-refundable)

To book: please email me directly