Tero Goldenhill is a Jungian Tarot Reader and Teacher. Tero has been doing readings since 1990, helping people from all walks of life to navigate better through uncertain times. He is also a private scholar and author. Tero has been teaching tarot both in the UK and abroad, and has a solid international clientele.  

Tarot refers to a pack of 78 cards, slightly bigger in size compared to standard playing cards. The origin of the cards can be traced to Renaissance Italy, although the subject matter of the Major Arcana refers to Ancient Egypt and Greece. The Tarot has lived through many incarnations during its 600 years; from a trick-taking game to fortune-telling, from occult uses to divinatory practises, and onwards to being used for self-help, creativity and healing in today's world.


Tarot is a wonderful tool for problem solving, guidance, and insight. It is also a Book of Wisdom: the 78 cards portray mediaeval 'wisdom images', which can help the modern traveller in numerous ways.


As a Jungian Tarot Guide, I engineer the reading to best suit the Client's needs. Areas of work include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploring major Life Themes and questions

  • Crisis and coping

  • Uncovering root issues of a situation or problem

  • Unlocking creativity & facilitating decision-making

  • Behaviour modification / reprogramming (in combo with Mudras / Qigong)

  • Healing, transformation, realignment


For more information, please visit my tarot website The Arcanum (link below).