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My first album is finally published. I've had some serious doubts over the years, whether this day would ever come to pass. Finishing the two tarot books felt exhilarating and unbelievable, but this is in a completely different category. It's somehow much more personal. These tracks have been there with me, witnessing all sorts of things, from the early 90s onwards. I'm not sure if I can be called the author of them - I think they've come into this dimension through my fingers onto the keyboard, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's their origin. They're both incredibly personal and yet completely impersonal, at the same time. If it makes sense - probably doesn't. Incidentally, today happens to be Jung's birthday, and "paradoxa" is a Jungian concept. I quite like this synchronicity thing. I hope you'll enjoy the album as much as I've enjoyed playing and recording the tracks.

July 26th 2022


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