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I'm a Jungian Tarot Guide & Teacher, which means I don't use tarot for fortune-telling or entertainment. I'm also an independent scholar and a published author.

I've been studying the tarot and conducting sessions since 1990, helping people from all walks of life to navigate better through uncertain times. Tarot is a powerful tool to help you redesign your life. It is also a Book of Wisdom; the cards portray medieval "wisdom images", which can help the modern traveller in numerous ways.

I see my role with Tarot as a "Tarot Architect" of sorts, helping clients to redesign themselves and their lives. Restructuring or recreating something in your consciousness will be reflected in your external life, too.

To be clear, I'm not a Jungian Analyst myself. I've been studying Analytical Psychology independently since the mid 90s.

As I see it, the highest purpose of Tarot is that it serves as an Instrument of Change. I sometimes call the cards "Tools of Freedom." Instead of using the cards to tell us what will happen, we can approach them as wise friends, asking us meaningful questions. It then becomes our task or challenge to answer these questions, and by doing so claim our freedom, our Will, our purpose. Tarot has existed in a card format for almost 600 years. There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- the cards haven't seen, heard, or been exposed to. They know the human heart inside out.

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