"Sometimes I have found myself facing a situation without any clarity or sense of direction. Tero has been able to uncover the root of the issue or question, and provide information which I've found useful. Tero has solid experience and good intuition combined with pro-dialogue approach respecting the client, this creates an atmosphere of trust. Warmly recommended." –Anu

"While going through a divorce process this year, I have found Tero's readings extremely helpful in clarifying my own thought processes. His ability to guide and explain what was in the images is exceptional. I have given more room for self-improvement, reflecting my thoughts on important life topics. I have given myself  permission to focus my energies on something more productive such as rebuilding my life, instead of sticking to the past or worrying about the future." –Milla

"Grounded and professional yet deeply spiritual. Compassionate and no nonsense with a good sense of humour. Highly recommended!" –Mili

"Your readings have been close to perfection." –G

"You were the best reader I have ever had." –S

"You were really spot on." –EL

"You gave me a wonderfully powerful reading almost a year ago. I just want to thank you and to let you know that even today, so many months later and so many miles away, your words still resonate." –MP

"Tero Goldenhill was an excellent teacher with well prepared material and brilliant presentation.” –Anon.

"I am so glad that I took our Tarot course before everything escalated like this and thank you again for being such a great instructor throughout the entire course!" –S

"I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how much I enjoyed your tarot course. It’s taken me 16 years to finally start learning after I discovered tarot and I must say, you made it so intriguing, enjoyable and not too mysterious to understand!

I very much appreciate that you decided to take the course online, and I would definitely say I enjoyed the online version more because of having the slides right on the screen in front of me, instead of squinting at a big one! Also, loved the small class and how detailed we were able to go." –K


Bei Hai - compared to several past teachers, you are outstandingly the best. You’ve unlocked the language of Chi with gentleness, patience & enjoyment. My health, posture, energy levels, mental clarity, happiness are all improved, helping me cope with lots of stress. Thank you for being a wonderful guide and for the example of the grace, precision, strength and beauty of your demonstrations of these Arts. It is wonderful to watch you. –Aura


I went regularly to Tero's Taiji & Qigong class in Finland before he moved to the U.K. As an instructor Tero knows his business, he is precise, and is someone who understands and respects any possible physical limitations his students might have. The flow of the movements and of the energy is very natural in Tero's execution of the forms and in teaching as well, I imagine this comes from his training done in China. I recommend Tero's classes for anyone who wants to get stronger and more supple, for those wanting to remove stress from their lives, for those going through rehabilitation, and for anyone really, regardless of age or gender. –Kirsti

I have been practising Tai Chi and Qigong with Tero at Bhuti for just over a year now. I suffer from neck and back problems, and also have a stressful job and busy home life, so I was looking for a gentle form of exercise that would be good for me both physically and mentally. Since starting the classes one of the main benefits I have noticed is a reduction in my stress levels. My job involves sitting down for long periods of time, and I have found that Tai Chi and Qigong have improved my flexibility and I don’t feel so stiff. It has also been really great for my wellbeing, and I always finish the class in a better mood than when I started. –Adelaide

Tero is such a great Qigong and Tai Chi instructor. Feeling so energised after the class. –Anonymous

Tero has been teaching me over two years - and I can honestly say one could never ever find a more patient, caring and able teacher. His graceful powerful movements alone inspire pupils to greater efforts along the long and wonderful path of learning Chinese forms, in all their diversity. Tero has introduced me to the magic world of interior and exterior self-mastery, and awareness, through these Chinese Arts. It is a journey towards real beauty that will probably never end. If it wasn’t for his supreme ability to teach and inspire, I would never have had the will to continue to practise, and hopefully improve, become more strong, more supple and more centred. A million thanks, Tero. –Cherry