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Jungian Tarot Readings

"Sometimes I have found myself facing a situation without any clarity or sense of direction. Tero has been able to uncover the root of the issue or question, and provide information which I've found useful. Tero has solid experience and good intuition combined with pro-dialogue approach respecting the client, this creates an atmosphere of trust. Warmly recommended." –Anu

"While going through a divorce process this year, I have found Tero's readings extremely helpful in clarifying my own thought processes. His ability to guide and explain what was in the images is exceptional. I have given more room for self-improvement, reflecting my thoughts on important life topics. I have given myself permission to focus my energies on something more productive such as rebuilding my life, instead of sticking to the past or worrying about the future." –Milla

"Tero has an extensive knowledge of the tradition, symbolism, and the cultural references of the Tarot. In readings, Tero combines this knowledge to the personal situation of the client. Each image is approached, encountered and perceived with fresh eyes; possibilities and questions within the image are exposed and explored in a listening dialogue. Tero avoids any judgements regarding interpretation; each card or image contains a number of possibilities and meanings. Emphasis is clearly in the unfolding of experience and attitudes of the client. Unconscious influences and intentions rise to the surface to be seen in a clear light. As the reading progresses, the original question reveals or transforms into a new, wider spectrum of questions from where the personal situation is addressed. At the same time the client's ability to independently understand and see the symbolism and meaning of the images develops." –Jonimatti

"Grounded and professional yet deeply spiritual. Compassionate and no nonsense with a good sense of humour. Highly recommended!" –Mili

"Your readings have been close to perfection." –G

"You were the best reader I have ever had." –S

"You were really spot on." –Elana

"If you're after a fluffy bunny reading which lets you sit comfortably within your comfort zone, and which doesn't facilitate any real changes, then Tero probably isn't the right person for you. However, if you're after some seriously hardcore internal work which cuts right into the heart of the matter, then look no further. Tero is also a martial artist who loves swords. That's how he uses the cards - as blades. Any excuses you might have, he will cut right through them. It might hurt a bit, but you will thank him for doing it. As an ex addict Tero has given me a wonderful set of inner tools to work with. Are you ready for the ride?" –Naomi K.   

"You gave me a wonderfully powerful reading almost a year ago. I just want to thank you and to let you know that even today, so many months later and so many miles away, your words still resonate." –MP


"Tero's reading gave me an in-depth insight into the light, shadows, and possibilities that lie ahead. The reading's I've received have been sensitive and intuitive, whilst learning about the deep symbolism and imagery of the Tarot. I shall be back..." –Bishi

"Thank you for your reading yesterday. It was so helpful, balanced and insightful and I really appreciate how you always commit 100% to the session. You’ve given me a lot to reflect on." ---MM

"The first time I met Tero I was in a real state. I don't remember much about the reading, except this pair of bright green eyes which seemed to see something in me, which I didn't see myself. That something gave me hope and a sense of peace and direction, which carried me over the next couple of months, until I was over the worst. I know it's time to visit Tero and his magic cards (although he says the magic is in me) when I feel I can't see the forest for the trees. The readings always take me by surprise. After one reading I had a dream where a snake read the cards for me. I think Tero is a shapeshifter. Thank you, Tero-Snake." –Lucy   


"When Tero suggested a reading to help me with a sticky family problem, I was very sceptical. Like 99.9% of people, I connected Tarot cards with fortune-telling. But Tero soon showed how wrong I was! He introduced me to a world of visual messages, archetypes which spoke volumes, resonating deeply with my own feelings. Messages began to emerge from myself. With a little guidance Tero allowed me to decipher these images and the answers I needed began to emerge. Tero is an Art Therapist, and that is how he approaches the cards. Their messages were sometimes surprising, and sometimes very clear indeed. Often it took time for the deeper meanings and answers I sought to become clear; sometimes it was days later. When they did, all questions were answered with crystal clarity. And they worked! In several situations Tero has helped me to understand and uncover what is needed to unravel a problem, or find the best course of action. This has introduced me to a fascinating study of the archetypes, and other Jungian concepts, which lie beyond time. I believe they have their origins in the Initiatic Teachings of antiquity. It is an approach that is richly satisfying. Tero is without doubt the best guide to tarot cards which can uncover the inner world in each of us. I cannot recommend Tero’s approach highly enough. Thank you cards, thank you Tero!" –Elizabeth

Online Courses

"Tero Goldenhill was an excellent teacher with well prepared material and brilliant presentation.” –Anon.

"I am so glad that I took our Tarot course before everything escalated like this and thank you again for being such a great instructor throughout the entire course!" –S

"I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how much I enjoyed your tarot course. It’s taken me 16 years to finally start learning after I discovered tarot and I must say, you made it so intriguing, enjoyable and not too mysterious to understand! I very much appreciate that you decided to take the course online, and I would definitely say I enjoyed the online version more because of having the slides right on the screen in front of me, instead of squinting at a big one! Also, loved the small class and how detailed we were able to go." –Kirsty

"I wanted to say thank you so much for the Beginners Tarot Classes, it must have been a strange thing to teach virtually but I so enjoyed it and it helped bring structure and purpose to the week. It also helped deepen my spiritual journey and I’m so grateful. Thank you again for holding space for us and sharing your experience and knowledge." –Kayleigh

Weekend Course at Tuomiston Kartano, May 2023

"30 years of tarot behind me, and even better 30 years of tarot ahead: this course provided a super tight and highly informative package, giving plenty of food for thought for both a beginner and a more advanced student. The beginners were asking the right questions, offering new thoughts for the advanced students. Practical examples, case studies, and shared reading experiences were a massive bonus. The depth and quality of this course matches even the hardest of requirements, zero faffing nor excessively long breaks. Exceptional price-quality ratio." –M


"I'm a beginner and interested in tarot as a tool for self-discovery. The course offered me plenty of insights about myself, likewise I learnt a lot about the cards. Thankfully I don't have to know it by heart, as we received a huge folder containing everything right after the course finished. I know I'll work my way through it all, one step at a time." –HK


"I'm already quite experienced with Tarot but was still very excited to participate on Tero's course when the opportunity came. The course was not your basic "let's start from the Fool and end with King of Coins" course. Both experienced and people new to tarot got to experience together. Lovely exercises, spreads, meditations etc. Creative and inspiring course. Everyone got to participate and everyone was equal, and that was lovely." HM   

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