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Born in Kokkola, Finland in 1977


Early childhood in Al-Qa'im, Iraq


First tarot deck in 1990, teaching classes & courses from 1997


Registered Nurse: Neurosurgery Intensive Care, Helsinki, 2003-2014


LogoArt Diploma 2008: Steinerian Art Therapy & Viktor Frankl's existential psychotherapy


Avid fan of C. G. Jung & Marie-Louise von Franz: independent exploration into Analytical Psychology from mid 90s. 


Wudangshan, China: Tai Chi, Qigong & Kung Fu training 2012-2013, 2014, 2016


Piano dependency since 1990

Relocation to London, UK in 2015

Managing Director of AHA


  • Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor, Wudangshan, China 2013

  • Academic Associate in Logotherapy with Specialisation in Art Therapy, Perheniemi, Finland 2008

  • Registered Nurse, BScN, Helsinki, Finland 2003

  • Diploma in Nutrition Therapy and Complementary Medicine with Specialisation in Phytotherapy, Perheniemi, Finland 1999


Published Works

  • Tarot - Korttien viisaus - Työkirja, 2022 (in Finnish)

  • Tarot - Korttien viisaus, 2022 (in Finnish)

  • The Full Life Tarot Deck, 2015 (together with Airi Oja)

  • Opas viisauteen - The Guide to Wisdom DVD, 2012 (in Finnish, together with Jyrki Pitkä) 

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Xuan Men Jian
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London aerial photo © Jason Hawkes

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