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Tarot Life Lessons: Living Wisdom from the Major Arcana

Julia Gordon-Bramer

Inner Traditions, 2023

"If you’ve ever wondered what happens in a tarot reading, or what tarot cards are actually about, then look no further. Tarot Life Lessons is as entertaining as it is educating. If you know nothing or very little about tarot, by the time you finish the book you’ll know a great deal. If you’re a seasoned reader, you’ll find fresh insights to expand your 'tarot brain' here. Julia Gordon-Bramer’s book is a gem among tarot books: it’s written by someone who lives and breathes tarot, who walks their talk, and who has a deep understanding of the wisdom and power of tarot. The Major Arcana cards, with their archetypal characters, come to life through real-life client stories. These range from hilarious to heart-breaking, from exhilarating to deeply moving. The other storyline is that of Julia’s: she is a living proof of the power of tarot to change our lives for the better. "


The Transparent Oracle, 2nd Edition

Emily Carding

Schiffer Publishing/Red Feather, 2022

"With the Transparent Tarot, Emily Carding created a completely new way of using the cards - a revolution in the history of cards. The Transparent Oracle continues this tradition, enabling you to create and discover new worlds within yourself."

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