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Jungian Tarot: Introduction

2-Hour Workshop

The Tarot refers to a pack of 78 cards, slightly bigger in size compared to standard playing cards. The origin of tarot cards can be traced to Renaissance Italy, although the subject matter of the Major Arcana refers to Ancient Egypt and Greece. The Tarot has lived through many incarnations during its 600 years: from a trick-taking game to fortune-telling, from occult uses to divinatory practises, and onwards to being used for self-help, creativity and healing in today's world.

According to the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist C. G. Jung, the founder of Analytical or Jungian Psychology, "It also seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation" (The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, par. 81). Throughout his adult life, Jung remained interested in the Tarot, and hoped to have more time to study it properly.

This 2-hour online workshop will teach you how to use the tarot as a tool to access your unconscious, uncovering underlying archetypal energies. You will learn how the tarot can be used for "internal architecture", helping you to redesign your life. The workshop includes both theory and practice. All the material will be provided in PDF after the class. You can record the workshop via Zoom. 

When: Wednesday, 6-8pm UK / London time

Where: online via Zoom

Max. number of participants: 10

Workshop Fee: £50 (non-refundable)

Next Class: TBA 

To book: please contact me directly  

Image © Tero Goldenhill

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