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Tarot Major Arcana

4-Week Online Course

This 4-week online course via Zoom will teach you the basics of the Tarot Major Arcana or the 22 trump cards. You will learn about the history, symbolism, psychology and interpretation of these powerful and mysterious, archetypal images. Emphasis will be on the Waite-Smith ("Rider-Waite") deck, but we will also explore cards from other important tarot decks. Each class includes both theory and practice. The final class will mainly focus on readings with Majors. You can record the classes via Zoom. There will also be PDFs to support your learning. 

Course Structure

Class 1: Major Arcana 1-7 (Magician to Chariot) + the Fool

Class 2: Major Arcana 8-14 (Strength to Temperance)

Class 3: Major Arcana 15-21 (Devil to World)

Class 4: Readings with the Major Arcana

When: every Wednesday, 6-8pm UK / London time

Where: online via Zoom

Course fee: £160, to be paid before the Course starts (non-refundable)

Max. number of participants: 10

Next Course: TBA (summer-autumn 2023)

To book: email Tero   

Image © Tero Goldenhill

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