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Tarot in Media

Updated: Jun 29

How Tarot Can Be Used to Understand Ourselves: An Interview with Social Worker Jessica Dore

Los Angeles Times / June 2023

The Tarot Card Deck Created by Salvador Dalí

Open Culture / June 2023

The Woman Behind Tarot's Strange Beauty

The Christian Century / April 2023

Kingsland's Tarot-Inspired Business Cards Highlight the Magic of Creativity

Creative Boom / February 2023

Three Tarot Readers Reveal the Secrets of Their Practice

Elle Canada / February 2023

How I, A Life-Long Sceptic, Learned to Love Tarot

British Vogue / May 2023

Best Tarot Card Decks: Weird and Wonderful Designs for Psychics and Enthusiasts

Evening Standard / March 2023

The Cloisters by Katy Hays Review - The Power of Tarot

The Guardian / December 2022

Tarot Cards Reveal Hidden Thoughts of Surrealist Genius Leonora Carrington

The Guardian / November 2022

Etteilla's Livre de Thot Tarot (ca. 1789)

The Public Domain Review / October 2022

The 9 Best Books for Learning Tarot, According to Professional Readers

Insider / October 2022

When Life Feels Cluttered, a Good Tarot Reading Can Slow Down the Rush to Quick Solutions

The Guardian / September 2022

Pamela Colman Smith Was the Artist and Occultist Who Designed the Iconic Tarot Deck

Artnet / August 2022

The Beatles Song Paul McCartney Wrote After Being Inspired by Tarot Cards

Far Out Magazine / August 2022

The Woman Behind the World's Most Famous Tarot Deck Was Nearly Lost in History CNN Style / May 2022

Expo: Tarots enluminés - Chefs d'oeuvre de la Renaissance Italienne

Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer. 15 December 2021 - 13 March 2022

A Renaissance Riddle: The Sola Busca Tarot Deck (1491)

The Public Domain Review / February 2022

The Swiss Psychiatrist Who Inspired a Viral TikTok Hashtag

The Washington Post / November 2021

Japan's First Ever Tarot Card Museum Opens In Tokyo

Japan Today / November 2021

Why the Secret Symbols of Magic and Witchcraft Fascinate Us

BBC Culture / November 2021

When the Mystical Goes Mainstream: How Tarot Became a Self-care Phenomenon

The Guardian / October 2021

Sylvia Plath's Tarot de Marseille deck at Sotheby's

Lot closed: July 2021

I Tarocchi Fatti a Mano di Osvaldo Menegazzi

Artribune Magazine / June 2021

Why Tarot Is Trending Again

Financial Times / April 2021

My Tarot Card Dependency Controlled My Life

Marie Claire / April 2021

How to Get Started With Tarot

The New York Times / April 2021

Meet the Forgotten Female Artist Behind the World's Most Popular Tarot Deck (1909)

Open Culture / March 2021

Photographer Creates His Own 78-Card Tarot Deck Inspired by His Sleep Paralysis

My Modern Met / March 2021

20 Best Tarot Books That Will Help You Master the Cards in No Time

The Oprah Magazine / February 2021

Ahead of the Pack: Leonora Carrington's Tarot Card Art - In Pictures

The Guardian / January 2021

Tracing the Origins of the Tarot (Dior)

January 2021

How a Kabbalistic Tarot Card Reader Spends His Sundays

The New York Times / January 2021

Tarot as a Tool for Our Times

Vogue / January 2021

Dior: Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2021 Collection

January 2021

Tarot cards: the pocket-sized Renaissance

CFA Conceptual Fine Arts / December 2020

I Took Up Tarot on a Whim - and Finally Learned How to Trust My Instincts

Vogue / September 2020

From Skeptic to Convert: How I Learned to Love Tarot Cards

Penguin / August 2020

Occult Following: Tarot Cards Through the Ages - in Pictures

The Guardian / August 2020

I'm a Tarot Card Reader. Here's What People Want Most From Me During the Pandemic

HuffPost / May 2020

Explore Tarot's Centuries-Old History in Milan

National Geographic / January 2020

Does Tarot Count as Therapy?

Cosmopolitan / November 2019

Why Are Writers Particularly Drawn to Tarot?

Literary Hub / August 2019

A Modern Mysticism

The Spectator / March 2019

It was in the cards: Stamford publisher brings Pamela Colman Smith's art to the masses, again

CTPost / September 2018

Carl Jung: Tarot Cards Provide Doorways to the Unconscious, and Maybe a Way to Predict the Future

Open Culture / August 2017

Beautiful Monsters: Art and Obsession in Tuscany

The New Yorker / April 2016

Tarot Mythology: The Surprising Origins of the World's Most Misunderstood Cards

Collectors Weekly / June 2014

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