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Tai Chi (Taiji, Taijiquan)

is a profound, holistic Chinese Art,

which combines health and wellbeing with martial arts. Over the course of many centuries, different styles of Tai Chi have been created, each with distinctive forms within.


The fluid movements of Tai Chi can be seen to imitate the spiraling motion of the silkworm: too fast and the silk breaks, too slow and it tangles. In Tai Chi, the movements originate from the core, revolving around the central axis. Emphasis is on correct posture and body alignment.


Tai Chi is a unique way of combining peace with strength. As a result of including Tai Chi in your life, you will become less affected by outer turbulences, having a stronger root and connection to your own life and being. Balance, both internal and external, will begin to have more space.  

On a deeper level Tai Chi is a way of life: a way of looking at and understanding oneself, and the universe.

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