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Hi Tero! I came to your Tai Chi class last spring just a few times, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching and guidance. You fit the bill! You have a gentle and kind attitude and approach. Thank you! –Seidi


Bei Hai - compared to several past teachers, you are outstandingly the best. You’ve unlocked the language of Chi with gentleness, patience & enjoyment. My health, posture, energy levels, mental clarity, happiness are all improved, helping me cope with lots of stress. Thank you for being a wonderful guide and for the example of the grace, precision, strength and beauty of your demonstrations of these Arts. It is wonderful to watch you. –Aura


I went regularly to Tero's Taiji & Qigong class in Finland before he moved to the U.K. As an instructor Tero knows his business, he is precise, and is someone who understands and respects any possible physical limitations his students might have. The flow of the movements and of the energy is very natural in Tero's execution of the forms and in teaching as well, I imagine this comes from his training done in China. I recommend Tero's classes for anyone who wants to get stronger and more supple, for those wanting to remove stress from their lives, for those going through rehabilitation, and for anyone really, regardless of age or gender. –Kirsti


There comes a time in life when it's good to look at things from a slightly different angle. And so it came to me with the combination of emotional events unfolding and physical upheaval. One can be left floundering. A chance meeting with Tero and the introduction to Tai Chi has given me a wonderful path to follow. But within there are several paths, and I have chosen quite an intricate and lengthy form, as it is my intention to follow this for a considerable time to come. I have been doing it for three months now; on a one-to-one basis with Tero once a week; and practising at home following video explanations. It is most rewarding. In its own way I find it physically creative, whilst being healthily challenging in the requirement to periodically sustain balances. It is intensely peaceful and yet thoroughly fulfilling. Tero is an excellent teacher. The knowledge of his art is thorough, which is displayed in his explanation and execution. It goes without saying that a sense of patience also pervades. My brief relationship with Tero and Tai Chi has brought tranquility to my life; an interest in understanding the principles, but mostly developing the physical and mental skills to enact the art. –Ana


I have been practising Tai Chi and Qigong with Tero at Bhuti for just over a year now.  I suffer from neck and back problems, and also have a stressful job and busy home life, so I was looking for a gentle form of exercise that would be good for me both physically and mentally. Since starting the classes one of the main benefits I have noticed is a reduction in my stress levels. My job involves sitting down for long periods of time, and I have found that Tai Chi and Qigong have improved my flexibility and I don’t feel so stiff. It has also been really great for my wellbeing, and I always finish the class in a better mood than when I started. –Adelaide

Tero is such a great Qigong and Tai Chi instructor. Feeling so energised after the class. –Anonymous, Bhuti Richmond




Tero has been teaching me over two years - and I can honestly say one could never ever find a more patient, caring and able teacher. His graceful powerful movements alone inspire pupils to greater efforts along the long and wonderful path of learning Chinese forms, in all their diversity.

His first suggestion for an introduction to TaiJi with weapons was Chen Sabre. It is short and not difficult to learn, very dynamic, and gave the taste for handling a weapon. Then Tero introduced me to Chen Sword which, with his endless patience and ability to explain the intricacies of each movement, has become the greatest delight. This form has helped me to become more centred, more aware of my whole body, and the plain enjoyment of learning to coordinate and control every limb, to paint such wonderfully beautiful patterns with the Sword in the space around, is a revelation. It has helped me to discover this also in the other forms he has taught me.

Tero has introduced me to the magic world of interior and exterior self-mastery, and awareness, through these Chinese Arts. It is a journey towards real beauty that will probably never end. If it wasn’t for his supreme ability to teach and inspire, I would never have had the will to continue to practise, and hopefully improve, become more strong, more supple and more centred. A million thanks, Tero. –Cherry

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