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Viidakko is a Finnish word, which means 'jungle'. These tracks have come together in a totally organic way, much like the tracks on my first album, Paradoxa. In both cases it was never a conscious decision to create an album - one day I simply realised it was there. If and when Paradoxa feels more personal to me, the tracks on Viidakko feel more detached. They seem to live in a world - or a jungle - of their own. Viidakko is very much my feel-good album. I love to play these tracks, visit them, whenever I find myself taking life a bit too seriously. Paradoxa is a rather serious album - Viidakko much less so. As the album was forming, I began to see and mirror the idea of a natural jungle versus man-made "asphalt jungle". Malibu Girl and Bermuda Boy are the present day lovers who haven't yet met; a modern version of Adam and Eve, possibly, living in the city jungle. They are watched over by 5th Avenue Angels, which is inspired by the 80s police drama Cagney & Lacey. Some of the tracks deal with flora and fauna, while others are linked to the natural elements. There's a place for everything and everyone in this Jungle. There's a lot of light in these tracks. I hope they will lift you up, too.    

August 7th 2022


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