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Thoth Tarot 3 Magus Edition (a.k.a. "This Tarot Teacher is a getting a bit tired")

In 2024, seriously? This was old news in the 90s. And yet, apparently there are still teachers out there, telling their students this.

Does Crowley ever mention the extra Magus cards? No he doesn't, and for a good reason. The information is out there, it's not difficult to find (hint: Lon Milo DuQuette, or even The Book of Thoth!).

Earlier today I received an email from a "concerned student", telling me they can't find a 3-Magus edition which they can afford (surprise!). I asked "Well why should you find it?" - "Because my teacher told us it's the only right one."

Seriously, who are these people? Have they actually bothered to read Crowley's manual? Do they know anything about tarot, at all?

If Crowley would hear about this nonsense he would start spinning in his coffin (had he not been cremated) so fast that he would produce enough electricity for the entire UK - for several aeons. And Frieda Harris would suffer a nervous breakdown (or push these teachers into the Thames, with cement boots on).

Frieda Harris created several versions of every single ATU, until both she and Crowley were satisfied. That was the process; edit, edit and edit some more. Of the Magus, she created at least 7 versions. Only one of them was approved by Crowley; the one in the deck. It's that simple.

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