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UK Tarot Conference 2017

Updated: May 7, 2019

I had so much fun at the UK Tarot Conference this year. I can't thank enough Kim Arnold, who together with her husband Martin put their energy and hard work to it to make everything work, year after year - thank you again!

Speakers & presenters this year were Sasha Graham and Carrie Paris from the U.S., Kirsten Buchholzer (Germany), Wicca Meier-Spring (Switzerland), Joanne Watkins (Australia), and the UK people Kim Arnold, Steven Bright, Andrea Aste, Chloe McCracken and yours truly. Wicca was in charge of the opening ceremony on both days, whereas Joanne and myself taught at the Saturday lunch-time Table Top sessions.

I had originally intended to teach three different spreads, which I've created over the years, each for a specific purpose. Then I thought 30 minutes is such a short time that it would result in a sort of multiple choice question, maybe not ideal. So I went with the Kohinoor Spread instead, another invention of mine. I had a good time teaching it, and the participants seemed to like working with the spread a lot. Good times, happy people!

Two photos from Saturday:

Group pic:

Top row, left to right: Kirsten Buchholzer, Kim Arnold, Steven Bright, Carrie Paris and me Middle row, left to right: Sasha Graham, Chloe McCracken, Wicca Meier-Spring Hanging from a tie: Andrea Aste

Solo pic: Steven Bright's 'Spirit Within Tarot', hot off the press. I fell in love with it immediately, have ordered it and can't wait to start reading with it. Steven has done something very unique and bright (in a black sort of way.. you'll get it once you see it) with this deck - lots of potential for psychotherapy use and otherwise as well

Tarot on!

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