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Astro-Tarot Workshop with Debbie Frank: Eclipse Programme for 2018

During the Astro-Tarot Workshop with Debbie Frank at Bhuti on February 5th I addressed this year's eclipse cycles from a slightly alternative p.o.v., namely how these can be mirrored with Tarot. In 2018 we've got both solar and lunar eclipse on two signs, the Leo and the Aquarius. With Leo we've started with lunar eclipse having taken place last month, followed by solar eclipse coming up in August. With Aquarius it goes the other way round; first solar eclipse coming up tomorrow on the 15th, and lunar eclipse happening later in July.I thought it would be interesting to compare these two eclipse cycles - lunar leading into solar and solar leading into lunar -keeping in mind  corresponding Tarot cards and themes.

Leo corresponds to the Strength card (Major Arcana no. 8) and Aquarius corresponds to the Star (Major Arcana no. 17) in the Tarot. Fair enough, some Tarot readers or teachers might insist on Strength being no. 11 and some Thoth fanatics might insist the Emperor being no. 17 - bad luck, I'm following the Golden Dawn & Waite-Smith tradition. In numerology 17 is also 8, as 1+7=8, so these two cards (Strength and the Star) and their related archetypal forces are linked together in more ways than one. For the Birth Card comparison of these two trumps, and for additional insight into both cards' energies, I warmly suggest reading the Tarot School's interpretation here

I hope this comparison and mirroring will help you to navigate better through this year and discover the many gifts and opportunities within the wisdom of the eclipses.

Lunar eclipse Leo, January 31st

Leo corresponds to Strength, Major Arcana no. 8. Lunar eclipse on the Strength card on January 31st could refer to:

-a low point in energy 

-being prone to mood swings 

-importance of avoiding extremes

-anger management issues

-sexuality / passion “low point” or outbursts

-Health-wise: problems with blood pressure (be gentle on yourself), depression, hormonal problems, anger, even rage

Positive meanings of Strength:

-relaxed and balanced self-control

-enjoying life

-being centred and tuned in to own’s own (will-)power

-accessing the deeper layers of the Self

-peace & passion combined (Fire element)

-being attuned to and using one’s instincts and intuition

January 31st started a “Reclaiming Your Strength" programme, culminating with the solar eclipse on August 11th 2018. During this 6-month period, focus on:

-finding and accessing the power within, instead of depending on any external source of power

-exploring your own “Inner Lion”, your own power and voice: lowering the volume or turning it up?

-meditate on the following: “Taming the lion doesn’t require a whip, just a pair of gentle hands”

Solar eclipse on Leo/ Strength on August 11th: check point, when the above questions & themes should be re-examined. What has been learned, what needs more work?

Solar eclipse Aquarius, February 15th

Aquarius corresponds to the Star, Major Arcana no. 17. Note that in numerology 17 is also 8 (1+7=8); this eclipse cycle will continue expanding the themes explored during and within the Leo / Strength eclipse cycle. Solar eclipse on the Star card on February 15th could refer to activation of the following themes:

-one's inner resources; tuning in to what really nourishes and supports us, and letting go of old, outdated models / beliefs / expectations

-connections; to other people, to the Universe, most importantly, to our own being; give time to yourself. Take this time to create beauty in your life

-healing; proper and balanced exercise, nutrition, still mind, meditation, etc. 

-importance of being and staying grounded, roots firmly in the ground 

-not exposing oneself or one’s plans - protecting what is sacred

-one of the traditional key words for the Star is hope- don’t lose hope, if this eclipse turns out to be a challenging one

-theme of navigation (stars / astronomy in mediaeval times) - "problems with navigation” - “journey by water” not advised on Feb 15th or around that time

-Health-wise: purifying the body, mind and soul; eye and/or ear problems

Positive aspects of the Star:

-being aligned with one’s higher self, accessing wisdom within

-seeing and creating beauty

-having a clear vision of one’s purpose / destiny (following your star)

-being open and free, and "in the flow”

-union between inner and outer world

-choices based on wellbeing and healing

February 15th starts a “Reclaiming Your Star" programme, culminating with the lunar eclipse on July 31st. During this 5-month period, focus on:

-creating beauty in your life

-staying true to your vision

-focusing on health and wellbeing

Lunar eclipse on Aquarius / Star on July 31st: check point, when the above questions & themes should be re-examined. What has been learned, what needs more work?

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