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Major Arcana: Elements

Sometimes a project takes you completely by surprise. This one happened last night: Major Arcana: Elements, say hello to everyone. Everyone, say hello to Major Arcana: Elements (nickname, 'Major 5'). Four elements + Spirit for each Major Arcana card:

Spirit Fool Fire Fool Water Fool Air Fool Earth Fool Spirit Magician Fire Magician Water Magician Air Magician Earth Magician You get the idea...

As there are 22 Major Arcana cards, this means 5 x 22, 110 cards in total. It's going to be a BIG deck :) And yes, they would look much nicer if done by a pro, who would've coloured each image carefully with different shades of red, blue, yellow and green. Anyway, I'm happy enough with the result. Off to send the images to a printer, to get a physical copy and see how 'Major 5' works in the flesh.

I'm seeing plenty of potential in this; not just a fun way to learn about the Major Arcana and the elements, but also to uncover which elements are in/out of balance, explore how the archetypes work together with the elements, use them for creative work (meditation, visualisation, rituals), etc. Also also, the card titles are quite revealing and even direct - "Fire Wheel" or "Spirit World" - sparking new ideas about possible meanings.

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